Save time, money and effort by digitizing your Tendering Activities

ProTenders delivers an award-winning, secure and user-friendly Online Tendering solution that enables you to create, manage and award tenders more efficiently in one centralized location. ProTenders has processed over $25 Billion bids and managed 2000 tenders for clients.

ProTenders eTendenring

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A Multitude of Benefits

Go Paperless

Digitizing the process allows RFQs, document updates and bid submissions all happen instantly while remaining fully secure and legally compliant. Save days in printing, stamping and delivery of hard copy documents.

Centralize Your Tendering Documents

Whether you're building a single project or a megaproject, you can centralize all your activities, documents, bids & communications in a single platform available 24/7.

Monitor Team KPIs

Monitor and improve your company's performance using our set of metrics. Pick from dozens of reports, including evolution of tender or documentation statuses, monthly spend and award rates.

Save Weeks Analyzing Bids

Our powerful real-time interactive reports allows you to immediately spot items or categories that need further analysis and graphically drill-down into sub-categories. Comparing bids has never been this easy.

Powerful Construction Database

Looking for MEP Contractors or Consultants with relevant experience in Commercial or Residential projects worth $75M-$100M in Dubai? Find your answer in 3 clicks.

Have It All Under Control

Work confidently knowing that every action is logged. Stay informed of every submittals, document updates or bidder questions that happen in your tenders in real-time.

Clear Future Security Ltd
When looking for a solution to streamline our eTendering process, ProTenders became the obvious choice thanks to its user-friendly interface and powerful features. We now use it exclusively to manage our hundreds of tenders and as a result we have reduced our costs, increased our productivity and communication with tender stakeholders.

Patrick Azar

Senior VP & General Manager